Bosscat Story

About Us

Bosscat Kitchen & Libations perfectly meshes upscale and casual dining with an expansive whiskey selection and unique menu of American comfort food. We offer a high energy, open spaced concept to promote a lively dining experience. With the rustic industrial aesthetic, brick metal and whiskey barrels are prevalent in the space. One of our restaurant’s most coveted attractions is the famous whiskey room, that houses hundreds of whiskies from several countries. From high end whiskies like Pappy Van Winkle to a shot of Jameson and a Coors Light, there is something here for everyone’s taste; and Bosscat prides itself on being this type of environment. The beverage program is focused highly on the craft and showcases its commitment to a good drink by constantly evolving the menu. Each season new flavors and recipes are brought into the kitchen. The focus is American comfort food that will always pair well with whiskey. The chef cultivates new ideas with seasonal produce, meats, and spices. On weekends, you can find crowds waiting to get in for an exciting brunch filled with mimosas and clever takes on breakfast dishes. Bosscat is committed to creating a fun and unique dining experience.

Mission Statement

"To foster an environment that is so approachable and unique that our bar becomes your favorite restaurant.

The company began as a bar with great food. It has since become much more through our focus on customer service, great experience, and committed team members. Culture isn’t just a word we use, it’s who we are as company. From the greeting you get when you walk in the door to the development of our team members into long lasting managers, culture has remained embedded in our business.

Mission Statement